An Infernal Racket Production

Audio Recording

Vintage lo-fi analog quarter inch tape & sporadic hard disc mixdown


Basement project studio specializing in budget creation of independent CD's, demos, and copyright-free muzak for corporate voice mail systems.  Relaxed, creative atmosphere.  Owned and operated by a serially-unemployed electronics industry marketeer who started out as technical director and musician of limited talent with the finest unknown psychedellic-era band in Central Pennsylvania.   Infernal Racket Studios uses discarded equipment from the dump to recreate the garage band sounds of the 60's.

Recent Projects

New arrangements of B-side cover tunes plus assorted music by Farson's Rubber Band, Brass Monkee, Much Later, and the world's only genuine Nazz tribute band Fungo Bat. 


Expert studio engineers place microphones for authentic garage band vibe..




Tape Machines and Consoles:
sWollensack 2 Track reel to reel analog tape machine
Sony reel to reel analog tape machine found in the neighbor's trash
Used Mackie CR1604-VLZ mixing console
Boss MX-10 Line Mixer
Cantankerous LG Combo DVD-CD/ Burner

This isn't our console.  We have a tiny one.

Signal Processing Equipment:
dbx 1066 stereo compressor with missing knobs
Gig-worn Boss SE-70 multi-effects
 Jordan Bosstone vintage fuzztone held together with tape
Cranky old Win XP Dell computer with a bad hard disk.


Pioneer Project 100 Monitors
(found on the roadside in Wachung NJ)
Radio Shack Optimus AV "boombox" speakers
Noisey Peavey CS200 power amp


Not our recording space.  One can dream!


We don't have a glassed-off
 control room like this!

1 - Rode Hard Shure vintage PME858 omni (vintage 60's junk)
2 - Roberts tape recorder microphones
1 -  broken Audix D4
1 - Radio Shack piezo buzzer element  for overheads

Miscellaneous Radio Shack tape recorder mics from the 60s


Amps and Guitars
'68 Gibson ES335 with warped neck
'92 ESP Custom Heavy Metal "Frankenstrat"
Assorted Telecaster pieces
Lab Series L5 solid state 2x12 JBL combo with bad ICs
1971 Fender Twin Reverb in need of filter capacitors
Mesa Nomad, the Most Hated Amp of All Time
1967 Gibson Lancer GA-35RVT (right up there for tonelessness)

To be honest, this isn't ours either!

Very old, obsolete Kurzweil PC88-MX
Alesis S4 Plus with burned out bulbs
Alesis DM5 Drum Machine with broken knobs
Miscellaneous software synths with too much latency
SONAR 3.0 (very old model, No ProTools here)


Home of Fungo Bat, the world's only genuine Nazz tribute band


View Fender amp restoration project.

View Gibson amp restoration project.

View Pedalboard project

Rates: $Negotiable / hour.  Will record for beer.

Melvin Lesh
Principle engineer

Ylo, owner, graphic design
Located in Trashlandia, on the Brazilian side of downtown Framingham MA.

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